Saturday, April 30, 2011

pigs and turkeys oh my!

The pigs have landed. The turkeys have arrived. Spring does seem to be coming although it feels like it coming about one degree at a time. Moving the pigs out of the truck and into the pen was a loud and frantic operation. The pigs are getting used to their new home. The turkeys are settling into their tub in the grow room.

I've been laid off from my teaching position for next fall. I've been surprised at what an effect that has had on my pride and ego. I didn't realize what a large part of my identity has been wrapped up in teaching. In addition to teaching jobs, which are in short supply, I've been considering looking for other work as well. I've done other work besides teaching, but I've always thought of myself as a teacher. Even when I was working as a handyman, I always thought that I was just between teaching gigs. I've been filled with doubt tonight, but it will pass. I have so many blessings maybe I should take a moment and count them in my journal.

We had some friends and their children out for dinner and a play-date last night. Now that's a real blessing in life. Breaking bread with friends and family. Venison chili on baked potatoes with all the fixings. Mmmm. Life is indeed good.

I'm sure I'll be checking in with a lot of animal and vegetable adventures in the next couple of weeks. Blessed be.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Sun made an appearance here in N. Idaho today. It was most welcome. It was a lovely gift on this Easter weekend. The long slumbering farm is re-awakening. The goats will soon be giving birth. The chickens are producing an ever increasing number of eggs. Piglets will be coming on Friday. Baby turkeys will be coming soon too.

Usually at this time of year we start corralling the chickens too keep them out of the garden area. Unfortunately that cannot happen right now due to septic construction. Therefore, the garden will be late going in. Sigh. We've planted some new cherry and apple trees though. Along with some raspberries. I'll be putting in an asparagus patch soon too.

Life is mighty fine here on the farm. We are truly blessed. I'd love to be planting more, but it will happen soon enough. By next weekend the construction on the septic will be done and we will be in a whirlwind of gardening activity. I hope your gardens and critters are all coming along. Whatever vegetables and animals we end up with will be a gift. God bless.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick update

I don't have anything profound or philosophical to say tonight. I've discovered that caffeine and lack of sleep make my mood wonky. I took Tim, the 12 year old, out for his first turkey hunt last week. We went on two separate days. Both times we had a beautiful morning, but did not come home with a turkey. 12 year old boys have a hard time sitting still for too long. We saw several deer and an owl up close and personal. We heard lots of turkeys and managed to see a couple as well. Nothing close enough for a shot though. We've been hunting on the Youth Hunt. Regular season opens on Friday and I will be going out. I imagine Tim will join me. Bear is also open. I'm toying with the idea of Tim carrying a shotgun for turkey and me carrying a rifle for bear. We'd cover our bases that way. Who knows.

Caspian is feeling better, but it still walking pretty tenderly. I'll just keep an I on him. Our Sundays are very busy with church activities and I've been feeling socially worn out by the end of the weekend. I'm not really an extrovert. Either way, I've made a decision to take it easy on Mondays to recover from my family and social calender over the weekend. It's not that it's not fun, because it is. It just takes a lot of emotional energy for me to be social all day long.

Life is so full. Spring is on its way. Gardening and Spring hunting is taking up a huge amount of my time. The family life is wonderful. The farm life is wonderful. What a blessing.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Injured goat update

Caspian is still on the injured list. In this picture he is sort of leaning against the wall to take weight off his hurt leg. Poor guy.

He did get some exercise today. I'm less worried. I think he's going to be alright.

Everybody else is doing great. Had a busy day with the kids. Took the middle one to a 4-H event. Had a nice lunch at the food co-op. Cleaned out the goat barn. It's much easier to clean the goat barn if you do it every few weeks. Big church day tomorrow. Some farm chores too.

Taking the boys fishing on Monday. I'm looking forward to that. I am feeling so blessed.