Saturday, March 17, 2012


I am on a road trip with a great group of friends to a really spiritual, "recovery" related convention in Utah. What a fantastic time. Lots of great speakers and workshops. We are laughing and fellowshiping and having a grand old time.

It's neat to get away from the farm for a couple of days. It is so hard to get away when you have so many animals. What a treat. Jenny and her sister are at home watching the farm.

The convention is really reminding me to bring it back to basics as far as my recovery from past alcohol issues are concerned.

I know I don't talk about recovery much on this blog although it is a central feature of my spiritual life. I prefer to stick to writing about the farm, my family, and my spirituality. I guess it's hard to say where one thing begins and another ends.

The life I have been given through Grace is so amazing. It does not seem possible that I could've arrived at where I am from where I was. I never imagined a life like this was in store for me. What a miracle. I am so truly blessed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A beautiful Springlike day

I know that Spring is not actually here, but there are signs that it may arrive eventually. We have snowdrops blooming in the front of the house. The sun is out and you can walk around the farm without a parka. Fancy, our Jersey, is pregnant. Carrissima, our goat, looks like she might be pregnant too. The chickens are laying more eggs. Life is good. I went on a little photo tour of the farm today.

All the animals, as well as the humans, seemed happy to be out in the sun.

We sampled our milk at a local fair called the "Taste of the Palouse." Our milk sold out at the store and we've gotten several standing orders for milk and eggs. In fact, there is so much demand for the raw milk that we could really support another dairy cow. Somewhere down the line I suppose. We recently got our piglets for the year. We are hoping to add a beef cow to the mix, but we'll see.

Life is very, very busy but really wonderful all the same. I feel truly blessed.