Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Multiplies

Love is multiplication not division. The more people you love, the more love there is. Love is not divided by how many people you love. With every person you love, the amount of love just multiplies.

Late night here. Just listening to Bob Dylan and the Band. Relaxing in the quiet. The house is peaceful and asleep. I a peaceful too, just not asleep.

I mentioned a meditation a few days ago and I realized that I had been living in fear instead of faith for a few weeks. It seems to have passed. I do have faith. Faith in God. Faith in this family. Faith in this farm. And, even a certain amount of faith in myself.

It really doesn’t matter if we make money on the farm. What matters is the journey. The adventure. What matters is that we try. In order for your dreams to come true, first you must dream.
I was at a meeting tonight. We were meditating and sharing about “gratitude”. I am so grateful for what I have. Not the “stuff” I have. I am grateful for all the gifts I have been given…through Grace. I am grateful for my relationship with God. I am grateful for this family. For my wife. For this farm. For my friends. For this incredible journey. I am indeed incredibly blessed.

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