Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black Sheep

This is our Suffolk Sheep Bella an her new lamb.  A real Black Sheep. They live in with the goats for company.  The are really enjoying the new place.  We've started separating the goat kids from their dams at night to increase our milk production.  We've been getting about a gallon in the morning between our two that are in milk  The kids are on their mamas all day an we aren't milking at night.

Fancy, our Jersey cow, is still producing a gallon and a half once a day.  We will be breeding her early in May.  We were going to breed her to another Jersey, but I think we've decided to breed her to a small angus instead an to raise the calf for meat.  It's a toss up. 

Things are kind of upside down here with the move, but we'll get through it.  The boys are in transition and adjusting.  Jenny and I are in transition and adjusting.  It seems like the animals are handling the move the best out of all of us. 

neither of us have any idea how to shear a sheep.  I contacted the local FFA to see if they had any students who could teach us.

Well, goodnight and blessed be.

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  1. Wow!!! I didn't realize that sheep gave that much milk!