Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Home Ec. insomnia...

I've got insomnia. Which is is pretty amazing since I spent the last three days cutting, splitting, and loading firewood in the mountains.  We moved six truckloads of wood.  I'm sore as can be.  Everyone else in the house is fast asleep. 

So, what do you do when you can't sleep?  Fortunately or unfortunately I get busy around the kitchen.  I say unfortunately because this probably keeps me more awake than I was to begin with.  Tonight I've made yogurt, made Feta cheese, emptied the milk fridge of expired milk, and done a ton of dishes. 

I sold the goat kids, so now the mamas are producing a ton of milk.  We are trying to find customers for the goat milk, but I've only had sporadic interest and no takers. I'm getting a gallon and a half per day from the tow does.  Even with the cheese making that is way too much goat milk to deal with. 

We really need to find a new name for our new farm. Our old farm was named the Wandering Moose Farm but there are no wandering moose here. Just wandering elk.

Well, I've got to go work on my cheese.  Cheers, Russ

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  1. How about the Wandering Elk Farm? hehehehe. I hope you get some sleep.