Sunday, August 1, 2010

July on the homestead

End of July on the homestead. I canned my first batch of spicy pickled beets. It was 90 degrees so I canned outside. This nifty outdoor stove is a life saver when it's hot out.

The rabbits at a lot of the beets. Of course, they just nibble on one a little bit then move on to the next. I'm about ready to start sitting in the garden in a lawn chair with an iced tea and a 20 gauge. Rabbit stew.

The goats like the ruined beets. The pigs, interestingly enough, love the beet greens but don't eat the beets.
I've been coaxing the pigs into being more social with me by feeding them the beet greens and a little goat's milk. Hate to spare the goat's milk, but they love it. They are getting a little more tolerant of me.
In this hot weather, the pigs have been using their wallow more. Enlarging it slowly. I suppose eventually the whole pen will be one big wallow.

I've been helping a young man from a nearby town get back on his feet. It's a good feeling. He had a little trouble with the law enforcement folks. I've been giving him rides to AA meetings and helping him look for a place to live. He really seems to be turning around. It's a good feeling for me. I am blessed to be able to use the gifts I have received to be of service to others. Life is good.


  1. That's awful nice of you to help out that young man. Not everyone has the ability to see someone in need and help. Expecially for someone who has been in some trouble. I applaud you for this. Keep up the good work.

  2. You are clearly working very hard and facing a lot of challenges. But there is a definite tone of peaceful serenity that shines through your blog. I enjoy reading what you write.