Monday, July 26, 2010

Pigs doing better

The pigs are doing much better. They still hide in the barn a lot of the time, but they will come out to the wallow and pen sometimes. It is hot! 95 degrees in the shade. I'm pretty new at pigs, but I can imagine they don't like the sun too much.

They've been eating and drinking plenty. They like most scraps. They are growing fast. I guess I'm only a little worried.

It's been almost impossible to get out into the garden to weed and harvest. The sun has just been blazing. I harvested some beets tonight after the sun went down. I plan to do some weeding in the morning after I get the goats milked and the critters set up for the day. I've been checking on all the critters every few hours to make sure they are OK in the heat.

Sunday's sermon was on "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, and knock and the door shall be opened." It was a good sermon and a good theme for me to think about this week. I need to humbly admit I need help and then ask for it. God will provide if I only ask.

It's weird to be all alone in this big old farmhouse. I've been reaching out socially to my friends. It's been great to spend so much time with others recently. I went to a BBQ last night. And I've been able to reach out to others in need too. Being of service to others helps me keep my mind off of my own troubles. Life is good. I am truly blessed.

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  1. I think it's hard to remember to ask God for things. Ya, I know people that ask for their football team to win or people who ask to win the lottery. Things like that. But, to REALLY ask and admit that you need help, that's when it is hard. Thanks for reminding me to just ask.