Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Overwhelmed homesteader

Phew! Things have been overwhelming here on the homestead. Colleen and I separated a while back and this is just not a one person job. The school year started and I am back to teaching a full load - which is actually about 20-30 hours a week for me.

Between the goats, pigs, chickens, garden to be harvested, fruit trees to be harvested, canning, and garden prepping for next year I am really, really busy. I look around and I don't feel like I have time for all the tasks to be done.

My recreational and spiritual time, which are often the same, are starting to suffer. I went steel head fishing for two hours after work last night and all I could think about were all the farm chores I was neglecting.

On a lighter note, here is a picture of Luna with her first forest grouse. Fish and game lumps all of the forest dwelling grouse into one category, but this one is a ruffed grouse. She doesn't quite have the concept down, but she was definitely helpful in the process.

The picture above is of the pigs eating apples from a friend's tree that blew down in a storm. I've got bushels of them and the pigs love them.

I'm looking forward to harvesting my trees and making apple butter and apple sauce. Also...APPLE PIE!

Hunting season is heating up. It is one of the most spiritual and fulfilling times of the year for me. Of course, it is nice to replenish the freezer, but more importantly it is a time when I can get out into the woods and just focus on being in tune with the natural world in a special and intense way.

Walking slowly through the woods and looking and listening for signs of game. Calling in ducks and geese. Thanking God for the animal whose life I have taken to feed myself and my friends.

Well, looks like I have some praying and meditating to do. Find a way to approach my tasks with a little grace instead of a feeling of irritation. There simply will not be time in the day to do everything I want to do the way I want to do it. But, I guess, that is life. Time to count my blessings and be grateful. It's not what I HAVE to do, it's what I GET to do, and for that I am truly blessed.


  1. I too have had those moments of late...but seems the season settles down and what I could get done is OK and what I didn't can wait! A day at a time..a day at a time!

  2. I bet you are doing a better job than what you think. Sit back and look at the things you have accomplished. But, also realize you don't have to do everything. lol. We are here for you!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It never seems to be all under control at the same time. Maybe you have some friends who would like to help, in exchange for some of the produce? It'll all settle down this winter!

  4. Hey I saw your post on Homesteading today. I am relocating to Boise in hopefully a month. My son and his Girlfriend (17 year olds) and I will be living in my RV in Boise near my friends, I am looking for a small farm in that areaa but till then will have all kinds of time during the day...and I have been running a farm her in TX with goats had a pig, horses dogs ect. I wouldn't mind helping out if you are close...ok close to me is anything within an hour driving distance. lol
    Heather email if you want to work on keeping this an option.

  5. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I had a great day teaching. Then came home in the afternoon early enough to spend some quality time on the farm. I may offer produce to friends if they help harvest it. It's a good idea. I feel satisfied and at peace.