Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wind Storm

I had a huge wind storm here the other day! 85 mph winds, lightning, rain, and hail. Wow! It was scary. I had a window blow in, a tree come down, and power lines across the road. I had no power or water for almost two days. It was a couple of long and sleepless nights. The neighbor's barn roof blew off and pieces of it are scattered all the way to my property a mile a way.

The intensity and stress and lack of sleep really knocked me out of commission. I am finally getting back to a more regular sleep schedule, hopefully, and trying to get caught up. I had to miss teaching for a couple of days.

I was fairly well prepared and the event helped me see a few areas where I'd like to be a little more prepared. I'd like to have an extra propane tank on hand for my outdoor stove. I'd like to have a generator to power the freezer for a couple of days. And I'd like to actually have put water in my 55 gallon food grade emergency water barrel. That's right, I have an emergency water barrel, but I had been wanting to clean it out with some baking soda to make it smell a little fresher. So when the storm hit, the barrel was empty. Now that the power and water are back on I'll make sure to fill it.

I am so grateful that the power is back on, that the big tree fell away from my house, and that all my critters are safe. And I am truly blessed that I have such good friends who helped me and prayed with me during this stressful time.

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  1. Wow! We had wind here, but not THAT kind of wind. I'm glad nothing major was damaged for you. I hope this doesn't mean that the winter is going to be windy