Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Having a cow...

We have been doing our homework and shopping for a Jersey dairy cow. We've got a heifer picked out and should be going through with the purchase soon. We are just waiting on some blood tests. Assuming they come out clean we will be picking up our girl in a couple of weeks.

We'll be having to re-arrange some areas of the barn and fix up some of the fence on the pasture. We'll be doing some major barn cleaning, some fencing, and some barn fixing. When spring eventually comes we will be pouring a concrete floor for a milking stall and running electricity and water out to the barn. I'm not much of an expert at major electrical and plumbing projects, but it sounds like this is something I can do if I just take my time and breathe deep.

We are in the process of applying for a license to sell raw milk from the farm. Both from the goats and eventually the Jersey. We would also be able to sell butter and cheese products as well.

It's all an amazing adventure. I have been feeling so truly blessed lately. Blessed to have the family that I have, all the friends that I am close with, and this wonderful farm to live and work on. It is truly through God's grace that I have been saved from the scrap heap to lead a life like this. My life is beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.


  1. YEA!! I love my Jerseys and would REALLY love the legal/rules barn to do the milking in. I have 6 Reg Jerseys and as of this year, after several years of keeping some favorite heifers back, have built my herd to 15. I have the plans and almost all the finances to build the barn for the goats this year and really look forward to my own completed milking room. Its going to take several years to get everything right, but I totally understand your excitement! In this state it breaks you financially to try to build to the standards for milking and then try to make any money. Thats why I only make the goats milk soap to sell. I have those individuals who like to get some raw milk on ocassion and make their own feta and I make lots to share. I love everything about milking as I don't do it to support me. My Father tells me a different story from his youth, and I always laugh. I have walked out in the pasture with only a bucket and squatted down and milked a gallon from any one of my best girls and when I walk back to the house with a full bucket of milk??...I feel pretty darn rich!

  2. Wish we could sell raw milk. These laws are killing us. Lol