Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break is ending

Spring break has come to a close and it's back to work teaching. There were way more projects on my list than I could have possibly gotten completed. We were going to go for a hike yesterday, but the March weather did not cooperate. We will go in a week or two and maybe get up into the mountains to do some scouting for elk. Tim and I will be going wild turkey hunting soon. We will also be putting in for an elk unit that lots of people have success in. I'm looking forward to getting up into the mountainous area and talking a hike around.

Life is really exciting with the boys here. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Teaching is not the same thing as co-parenting. Either way, I feel so very, very blessed.


  1. Co-parenting is one of the hardest things in the world. Expecially if they are not your blood. But, I know you can do it.

  2. Thanks for checking in Small Farm Girl. Co-parenting is hard. I had a bad day at it today. But it has smoothed out. A little prayer and talking helped. Cheers, Russ