Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break!

Doing the spring break dance here! No I'm not going to sunny Daytona Beach to drink with girls in bikinis. I'll be here with my honey and the boys doing a long list of farm projects. And looking forward to every minute of it. Topping the list is trimming Caspian's hooves. I didn't realize how badly he needed it, poor boy. I'm anticipating him being feisty. Definitely a leather glove kind of job. Sharp tools, rowdy goat.

I'll be going around to local food merchants to look for a source for donated pig feed. Old loaves of bread, wilted produce, anything that might help. We should be getting the weaner pigs in a little over a month. And chicks on Monday. We gave the boys a choice of one variety each. Of course they chose the weirdest looking chickens they could find. We'll be getting five of each chosen variety for a total of 25 chicks. I talked to the feed store about getting 5 turkey chicks too. I don't know exactly where we are going to put the turkeys yet though. Something to give some thought too soon.

Tomorrow will bring photographs. I promised the boys I would go and take pictures of their latest fort in the barn. I'll also take some time to get some other fun pictures as well.

We went to Ash Wednesday service this week. We also went to a wonderful community dinner at the church on Thursday. We are also getting more involved in a homeschool network. There is a field trip to the Science Center next Friday.

We've got some fun things planned too. Contra dancing, hiking, and maybe some steelhead fishing if the rivers come down. All in all we are looking forward to a wonderful week of farm and family. We are so truly blessed.

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