Saturday, August 13, 2011

everybody's having fun

I'm back again. Jenny and I hosted family and friends for an "engagement" party. I liked this picture with the dogs wrestling in the background while the baby is trying to walk.

It was good to see my family again. We see each other far too seldom.

Our baby is due in October. Right on opening day of waterfowl season. Just kidding. I suppose the birth will take precedence. We will be having the baby in the home with a midwife. It will be a mighty time.

The garden is finally shaping up. We've been putting in an hour or two of weeding time every day. Some of the tomatoes and possibly the corn were adversely effected by the substantial weed growth. Still, we made a curry stew tonight with onions, potatoes, and zuchinni from our garden. And pork from last year's hog. It was fabulous.

We are finishing our hogs this year and hope to get them butchered in October. Boy those pigs can eat. The field corn and sugar beets we planted for the pigs to eat is coming along too. At least we'll be able to start supplementing their diet with them soon.

I'm at the local food coop playing on the internet and drinking tea. I'll be meeting with some friends soon. Good friends, good food, good fellowship. I don't know what more I could ask for.

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