Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm back...

It's been a while since I wrote. We cancelled our home internet, so I am only online at the library or the coffee shop. We have implemented draconian austerity measures. Internet, cell phones...Simplify, Simplify.

The baby goats are growing at an amazing pace. We were blessed with two healthy goat kids. Both of them were boys though. We are trying to sell them as purebred Saanen herd sires, but if that doesn't work we'll have to sell them for butcher goats...or butcher them ourselves. They are painfully cute.

Jenny and I took a trip to Oregon and spent some time swimming in the Grand Ronde river. The puppies got a little wet too. The puppies are cruising along and we will be able to hunt with Oberon by the end of the month. It'll be his first time out. We are hoping for his hunting and retrieving instincts to kick in. We're a little worried about whether he will bring the birds back to us. He might just think they are his lunch. It'll be all good.

Jenny's pregnancy is progressing beautifully. What a blessing.

As always, we are completely in awe of how blessed we are living out on our farm. The animals are all healthy, the garden is booming, the boys are growing like weeds. We have family coming in to visit this afternoon. What a mighty time.

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