Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Homemade cheese press

Rather than buy a $200 cheese press, I made a simple one for less than $20. At the moment it is kind of rough cut as I have not been able to find my file and other tools to make it pretty. Materials:
2X6 board
12 inch carriage bolts, nuts, washers
Length of dowling
Cheese mold

Cut your 2X6 into lengths that will fit your cheese mold. On my small molds I can put 2 side by side. Drill holes for your carriage bolts. On the bottom piece I used a wide bit to drill a recess for the bottom of the carriage bolt so it doesn't stick out and the board sits flat. Cut your dowling to the correct length. Rough cut a "follower" (the circular piece used to press the cheese evenly). as you tighten the bolts, it will apply pressure to the cheese and squeeze out the whey. I plan on tidying up the whole thing, but it works efficiently at the moment.

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