Monday, November 2, 2009

A round of cheddar cheese

I started making this cheddar on Halloween morning without realizing that it was an all day process. Not that it demanded your attention all day, but that you had to be around the house to take various steps involving keeping the cheese at various temperatures. Draining and pressing at specific times. We used the book, "And That's How You Make Cheese." It was a very concise step by step recipe. Unfortunately, it will be another 6 weeks before we can taste it. But, it looks like cheddar (without the annato coloring), smells like cheddar, and feels like cheddar. We can't wait to try it.


  1. First of all the cheese looks perfect, Was this from your press? It looks like a large wheel of cheese.

    Was this a very complicated process? It seems I can make the same recipe with varying degrees of sucess, the 30 minute mozzarella is the most I try. Did it take alot of milk and would you recommend the book? Alot of questions Iknow, I appreciate the response.

  2. Yes, I would definitely recommend the book. It took 2 gallons of milk. The process was not complicated, but it meant hanging around the house all day. Like, "do this...wait an hour, then do that...wait and hour." The book is very step by step.

  3. gorgeous! That cheese looks amazing. Thrilled you're blogging!