Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Spring Day

Luna and the barn in the distance. It definitely feels like Spring here. Not that we couldn't still get a 2 foot March snow, but at least for the moment it is 50 degrees and sunny. There is plenty to do around the farm. My teaching week is done and it's back to work on the barn ramps.

Orders for eggs and meat birds keep rolling in. We are going to have to start turning people away for eggs. Maybe we'll try to get some young pullets. We are going to get some laying hens as chicks for sure. We've got room for a few more laying hens.
Luna is looking more and more like a hunter each day, but there is nothing for her to hunt on our property. All the rabbits have disappeared. Seasons are closed on all the game birds in the mountains.
Life is good. I love the teaching I do half time and love the fact that I get to spend the rest of the time on the farm. With this warm spell, the rivers are high so steelheading fishing this weekend is out. I'll be spending some time trying to plant some last minute garlic if the ground dries out enough. We have one variety, "Red Chesnok", that we didn't plant enough of. It is a great tasting purple strip variety. Then just cleaning up and building the ramps.


  1. I have garlic in the ground that I planted probably last late Oct/early Nov that is still growing strong. I've never planted it before and am nervous to pull any of it up. I did one about new years day and it wasn't more than what I planted but it was fresh and sprouted. I dont' have many, maybe a dozen, so I dont' want to squander them checking the progress. any tips on when garlic shoudl be harvested?

  2. Hey, send your egg people my way! We have more eggs than people who will buy them. lol

  3. As for garlic planted in Oct/Nov, I would say June or July. Wait until the tips of the plants start to turn brown and droop. At least that's how I do it here. Good luck.