Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hard work

I've had a tension headache for two weeks. I've tried more coffee, less coffee, aspirin, tylenol, more sleep, less work and everything else I could think of. The one thing that didn't occur to me was trying a nine hour day of teaching special education. All of it non-stop with students. I was totally stressed this morning, wondering how I would make it through the day. Now I feel a sense of tired peace. I worked hard. I did a good job. I made a difference in the lives of the children and families I work with. I served God and my fellow man to the best of my ability.

And as a reward, my tension headache is gone. For the first time in weeks I feel calm and at peace. I feel confident in my abilities to teach and handle my work load for the rest of the week.

I hope to do a little bunny hunting with Luna (the puppy) later this week, go steelhead fishing with Colleen and hopefully some other good friends, and maybe even bring the fly-rod to the steelhead stream. Life is good. We are indeed blessed.


  1. Greeting, noticed you haven't had any comments in the last couple of days. Thought I'd leave one here and let you know that I enjoy starting my day reading your blog.

    Steve - Illinois

  2. Hey, thanks. Where in Illinois do you live? There's some beautiful country there.

  3. I live in the North Central area near Bloomington-Normal. Not too scenic, lots of corn and soy bean fields. Pretty flat but very productive soils. The galciers did a number on this area when they went through.