Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Divine Presence

"We believe that the divine presence is everywhere" - Rule of Saint Benedict

This was from the reading from today in the "Rule of Saint Benedict". It goes on to mention that the eyes of the Lord are on both the good and the evil everywhere.

I don't know much about evil, but I had some good moments and some bad moments today. I suppose God was present through it all. I sure needed all the help I could get.

I like to remember to see God's presence in everything I encounter. We are all God's children, whether you are sick or well, pleasant or unpleasant, happy or unhappy. God is present in the least likable people I meet each day. God is present in the funky spring weather that is sunny and warm one day and sleeting and cold the next. He is present in the puppy that won't mind your commands.

It is important for me to try to see God in the places where he is difficult to see.

For me, it is easier to see God in the mountains or a trout stream. With the sun shining down and a fly-rod in my hand. It's easy to see God in puppy dogs or baby chicks, in the flowers coming up in spring, in the grass starting to grow in the hayfield.

So, that said, I have a few days off and I hope to spend them seeing God in the easy places. On the farm, fishing for steelhead, hiking with the puppy and Colleen, planting tomatoes in the sun-room. Hopefully then I will carry the vision of God into the following week when God's divine presence is less obvious.


  1. Great shot and thank you for sharing your thoughts/prayer.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous photo! I am sure the real thing is even more impressive. Nice sentiments, too!

  3. I absolutely agree with this post. Seeing God in all things is what keeps people who love Him from getting bitter in life. Very important to learn!