Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Puppies, steelhead, and teaching

I apologize that all my posts have been about dogs, steelhead, and teaching. It's February, what can I say. Not much else going on. We will be ordering seeds tonight as well as a four tray germination heat mat. I've never tried one before, but I'm hoping it will help jump start the peppers and tomatoes. We will also be discussing chick orders, barn cleaning and restoration, goats, pigs, fencing, and of course, MONEY. Romance and finance.
My teaching week is done tomorrow and I'll have four days off for President's day. My teaching schedule is fairly light as it is which allows me to do farm stuff even during the school year. I also don't expect to be teaching in the summer. Our only income this summer will be from the farmer's market. Farming is sort of like gambling I guess. Or Russian roulette. We've never done the farmer's market gig before, but we've had so much food the last couple of years we've been giving it to friends and charity.
The dog, as you can see, is now big enough to jump on the couch. She is still quite a handful, but she is learning. I can't wait to take her grouse hunting in September. Then waterfowl hunting, which I'm hopelessly obsessed with.

The seasons dovetail into each other here in Idaho. Gardening and fly-fishing for trout in the summer, harvest and grouse in the early fall, then waterfowl, deer, and elk, then ordering seeds and starting them indoors, then Spring Turkey, then planting season, then back to summer. It works out well. I've never had it so good.

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