Friday, May 28, 2010

Built a goat milking stand!

I had a long week teaching. Boy am I ready for summer. Friday is here and I started the long weekend by building a goat milking stand. I am not much of a carpenter, but thanks to the excellent plans from Fiasco Farms I got it done. It was actually kind of fun to do some rewarding work that was outside of my comfort zone.

We also got some milking supplies in the mail today. Teat cleaning supplies and a filter/funnel that fits into a wide mouth mason jar. Surprisingly, the local farm and feed stores don't stock everything we need.

Our entire weekend will be spent on the farm. Working on getting the barn ready and putting in as much of the garden as we can. The ground is a little more moist than I would like as far as planting goes.

As soon as the sun comes out though the veggies will pop. I'll post some garden pictures soon.

Well, time to take Luna out to chase bunnies out of the lettuce patch.

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  1. We used the same plans for our milk stand. We made ours a bit taller since we are both pretty tall. I just wish we'd made it a bit wider as we have found sitting on the stand makes milking easier.