Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Goat Pictures!

It is late, so I won't be writing a novel, but I just got my baby goat pictures from our breeder. We will be picking them up on Friday. We are putting the finishing touches on the fencing and barn. It has been a crunch to get everything done and still have time to put the garden in. But isn't that the way it is every spring.

We are just so excited.

I shot a bunny out of the garden today which Luna, our retriever, was kind enough to roust out of a thorny thicket. I know the general thought is to not eat wild rabbits in the summer months, but I hate to waste the meat. I guess I'll think about it a little more. Most certainly, we'll cook it very thoroughly.

Back to the goats, we'll be getting Carissima, the nanny goat, as well as both of her kids. Carissima will, of course, be in milk right away. The other doe kid we'll breed next year. The wether...was just too cute to pass up. Maybe we'll use him as a pack goat when he gets older. Put some panniers on him and have him carry camping gear up into the mountains with us.

Spent the afternoon having a BBQ with some good friends. Good food, good fellowship. We are indeed blessed.


  1. We LOVE our Saanen. We have two Alpines and one Saanen, but we are considering switching to only Saanens. They are a WONDERFUL breed.

  2. Ah gosh they are sooooo sweet looking. :) Made my day!