Monday, May 10, 2010

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted anything. Things have been so crazy busy. The teaching year is ending and the planting season is in full swing. I also finally finished the first phase of the barn restoration.

This picture is some of the ground we are tilling for our market garden. In the background you can see that the barn no longer has a gaping hole where the 2nd story hay door was.

This is one of our garlic beds. This is a variety called Killarney. The garlic that made it up despite the awful fall planting weather is growing great. We didn't have as much come up as we would have liked, so we planted a little more this spring. I've never planted garlic in the spring, so we'll see.

We have lots of radishes, lettuce, beets, and onions coming up too.

The farmers markets have opened, although we don't have any produce to make it worth setting up a table. At this time of year it is mostly crafts or maybe farmers from the valley who have a longer growing season. We've got 10 dozen eggs in the fridge we need to sell. I expect us to set up our first table in about three weeks.

This time of year is so glorious, but it is also a hard time of year for me personally. The rapid fluctuations in the weather in Northern Idaho make me really moody. We just had 5 days of snow and hail, and now it is sunny and seventy degrees. Just makes me wonky.

Anyway, plenty to do around here to keep busy. We are building the goat fence, putting finishing touches on the goat section of the barn, cultivating and tilling ground, planting seeds, and messing around with broken trucks and other machines. Phew! Hope you've been well.

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