Friday, June 11, 2010

The goat learning curve

I am having a blast learning the ins and outs of goat milking. Not that it isn't without its frustrations. When you get a quart done and are just about to quit and Carissima steps in the bucket. I've taken to hanging a bucket on the wall and emptying milk into it as I go. That way, if she dances her way into the milk pail I haven't lost everything. This morning I just couldn't get it going and only got a half a quart. So I went back this afternoon and got the other half a quart. I'm sure I'm leaving plenty for the kids though. I might get a hobble for her legs, which would prevent the dancing while I'm milking. She's calm as long as she has grains to nibble on, but as soon as she runs out of grain she's ready to get off the stand.

I got Luna out for a nice long run today. She wore herself out and is sleeping. Then I sat with the goats and played with the kids for a nice long while. Caspian, the boy, likes to climb up on my back and nibble my ear. Whisper, the girl, likes to nibble my beard. They are all so affectionate.

Rumor is, the sun may return tomorrow. It's been so cloudy and rainy that it's giving me the blues. It's giving the tomatoes the blues too. We really need a few hot, dry days to get the rest of the garden in. We are looking forward to vending at the small growers market. I'll be sure to post pictures.

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  1. I've seen a milk pump for goats. It sticks up on the goats and you pump it like a spray bottle. But instead of spraying, it pumps the milk into containers. No touching the milk,no worrying about kicking the bucket. I'm already looking for one for my goats. I heard you can order them out of one of the homesteading magazines.