Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life goes on...

The goat kids will be spending their first night away from mama tonight. I was going to separate them last night, but there was a lightning storm and I didn't want them to be scared. I'm such a softy. Separating them at night should give me significantly more milk at the morning milking. I am also expecting a goat hobble in the mail soon. It should also help me get more milk. Carissima is as gentle as can be as long as she has plenty of grain to munch on. As soon as the grain runs out she hops right into the milk pail. Frustrating!

I took a tour of the garden and did a little weeding, but I soon got hot and disappointed. The garden does not look great. Late frost, cold rainy weather, and a spring that lasted almost until July have really taken a toll. I do have plenty for myself but there won't be much to sell at the farmers market. There are big gaps in what's growing. I have lots of cabbage and beets but almost no peppers. Tomatoes are so stunted I may not get any to ripen at all. The corn all drowned and half the squash did too.

But there is garlic, onions, beets, enough squash left, lettuce, a few good radishes, a few peppers, I can't complain-even though I just did.

It's not what I hoped for, but the Lord has still blessed me with everything I need.

The baby chickens will be joining the larger chickens tonight. It is too hot for them in the small coop. They need a bigger run with better shade. I hope the rooster let's them settle in. He's usually pretty good. He plays referee while the hens sort out the pecking order.

Well, I can't control the weather or the seasons, but I can make choices about what I do about it. There is still plenty to plant, weed, and harvest in the garden. I still have been blessed with everything I need.

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