Saturday, June 5, 2010

More horribly adorable goat pictures

We got the goats home from the breeders with only the usual hectic adventures. We couldn't figure out what to do with Luna, our puppy, so she rode in the cab of my truck. We had a 6-7 hour round trip in weather that ranged from beaming sunshine to torrential downpour. Carissima, the mother, road in the back of my truck in the canopy. The two kids rode in the back of Colleen's car contained by the dog gate.

They settled comfortably into their new home without any problems. Of course, there are a few things we forgot to buy and a few more we didn't get finished. Carissima doesn't like climbing the big step up into the barn with that big udder. The milking stand could be a couple of inches shorter too.

My first milking was going so well I was beginning to think, "hey I've got this nailed." That's when Carissma took a big step with her poopy hoof right into the milk bucket. Oh well, feed it to the chickens and try to get it right tomorrow.

Of course we've been worrying over every little thing. Are the kids nursing. Is Carissima drinking enough water. Do we have the hay and grains right. Is the barn tight against coyotes. The coyotes were, in fact, howling and yipping near the house last night. Colleen said, "well, you could go sleep out in the barn with a shotgun and a flashlight."

Despite the fact that I felt like I spent my whole morning feeding goats, chickens, dogs, and cats, I am enjoying myself immensely. We are truly blessed.

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