Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Wow! Lots of snow. How do you get a 3/4 ton Ford F-250 4x4 stuck? By sliding sideways off my driveway and into a three foot snow drift apparently. It's hard to imagine with tomatoes, peppers, basil, and lettuce coming up in the grow room that Spring is far off, but when you look out the window it seems impossible that it will ever get here. I fell in a waist high snow drift carrying the goat's hot water this morning in a 10 gallon jug. Blech.

Well, enough of that. Shall we count blessings? I'm warm and snug in my little farmhouse. Jenny is moving in with the boys this weekend. I've got great friends. Wonderful family. A faith and trust in a loving God. A bunch of great animals. A job in which I am able to be of service to families who want and need my help. A freezer and pantry full of wonderful, wholesome food. A princess of a house cat. Reasonably good health. Ahhhh. Not much to complain about really.

Spring will come in due time and summer will follow. Turkey and bear season are on the way. Planting season will come soon after. There will be plenty to keep me busy and fulfilled. I might even wistfully wish for a night of being snowed in.

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  1. No matter what happens to us, there are always blessings to count. lol