Thursday, February 10, 2011

A nice visit

Jenny and the boys have been here and gone again. It was a great week long visit, but now it is back to being the bachelor. They'll be moving in permenantly on March 1st and I can't wait. It was wonderful to have them here for an extended visit. A grand experiment.

We did a lot of everyday stuff. It was interesting for me to work all day and come home to a house full of kids. It was great really. I still made some time to take a little personal space and also to spend time with some friends.

I took the boys steelhead fishing. The conditions were not great and we didn't catch anything. Better luck next time. Tim, the oldest, finished his hunter safety class and got his card. We shot a little bit with the .22. We were going to shoot some skeet but never got a break in the weather. He and I are going to go out on the Youth Turkey Hunt in early April. We are both really excited.

Whisper is coming back from goat camp this Saturday. It will be nice to have all three goats back. The chickens are laying up a storm and I have plenty of eggs to sell. The boys were a great help with the farm chores.

We planted some tomato, pepper, and basil starts in the grow room. Spring must be on its way soon.

Jenny and I watched the move "Collapse" which I would recommend. It is a documentary about "peak oil" theory. It is a little alarmist and a little short on proof, but thought provoking none-the-less. We are going to watch a more uplifting documentary called, "The Power of Community-How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" next week. It is supposed to be good.

Our retreat at the Benedictine monastery got canceled, but we are planning to go on a different one later in Spring.

The circle continues unbroken. Winter into Spring and someday into summer again. Planting starts, fishing for steelhead, turkey hunting, ordering baby chicks, birthing goats. All signs of springs imminent arrival. What a miracle. What a blessing. I feel so truly blessed.

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