Saturday, February 12, 2011


I promise pictures soon! Really!

Whisper is home from "goat camp". Hopefully she is nice and pregnant. The other goats were kind of head butting and shoving her around. I think they smelled the strange male scent on her.

I drove 300+ miles there and back to pick her up. I fell asleep at the wheel, pulled over and slept, then took some "No-Doz" to finish the drive home. They are 200 milligrams of straight caffeine each tablet. Now I am wide awake and feel awful. Oh well. I don't think I've taken a No-Doz in 25 years. Ouch!

Jenny and the boys are away for a week and a half. I miss them terribly. Only a couple of more weeks until they move in permenantly.

I'm sorry if the blog has been off track the last couple of posts. I'll get back on topic. Homesteading adventures with lots of fun pictures.

It is nice to have the goat family all back even if they are acting weird. The extra 20 chickens have really ramped up the egg production. I've got several orders that I fill weekly, but I'll probably have eggs leftover to sell to the food co-op anyway. With the boys here soon I'll need plenty of eggs and goats milk anyway. I've got tomatoes, hot peppers, and basil coming up in the grow room. Spring feels like it is finally on its way. What a blessing. The circle is coming back around to the growing and gardening time. The sun will return and the earth will again renew itself. New plants, blooming apple trees, baby goats, and plenty of eggs.

Blessed be

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  1. No Doz put me in the ER once. I found out that I was caffee sensative. Not fun. LOL. Anyway, I hope things get back on track for you. I have 3 weeks before Hubby comes home permanitly. I know how you feel. It's lonely.