Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Cider

We enjoyed pressing apple cider today. The boys had a blast. The antique cider press we received from my parents as a wedding gift worked great. The press is like a work of art. Hardwood and cast iron. The cider is great. Despite some disappointments in the garden this year, the Lord has been good to us. We’ve harvested about 300 pounds of apples. The refrigerator is full of carrots and beets. I think we will eat through the carrots and beets quickly enough to avoid using the root cellar. We made a great pork rib roast last night that had been marinated in apple juice. The garlic is planted for next year. Life is good.

We will be shoveling the manure out of the pig pen and the section of the barn that had housed them. We will be using the space to house Carissima and a buck goat for breeding. The kind folks at Little Bear Dairy will be loaning us the buck. I’m not sure they want him back although we don’t particularly want him as a permanent resident either. Pass the buck.

There is a constant flow of dirty dishes, laundry, and cloth diapers around here. We are trying to get a little bit ahead of the daily chores. Not really happening. Hopefully Tim and I will have a chance to go duck hunting this weekend or early next week. Recreation is an important part of life on the farm too-as important as keeping on top of the chores. One of my favorite things in the world is to be sitting on a lake waiting for the dawn to come. Waiting for the birds to fly. We enjoy eating duck, but duck hunting isn’t really a cost effective way of filling the freezer. Nevertheless, It is important to keep up with the things you are passionate about and duck hunting is one of them.

From passion comes creativity.

Little Russell continues to enjoy good health. What a blessing.

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