Friday, October 28, 2011

Midnight Meditation

After a little diaper changing and baby rocking, I am up doing a little reading, meditation, and prayer. Just reading Thomas Merton and listening to a little rock and roll playing softly.

“My intention is to give myself entirely and without compromise to whatever work God wants to perform in me and through me.” - Thomas Merton

Wow! “Entirely and without compromise.” That’s a tall order. I am I really willing to let God change me? Can I really let go to being a vessel to carry God’s peace? Can I really turn my life over to a God I can’t understand. If I do, will I still be allowed to smoke cigars and eat ice cream?

That’s one thing used to have a lot of confusion about. I used to think that if I accepted God into my life that I would become as pure as the driven snow. I didn’t think I wanted that much purity. I realize now, for myself at least, that I can give myself to God and still have a great time on this earth. And yes, that really does include smoking cigars, duck hunting, telling tall tales around the campfire, and listening to a little rock and roll.

God is there in all of it.

So, anyway, I’m excited to go duck hunting tomorrow. That is, if the motor for my boat is ready and I have the money to pay for the repairs. When I say “boat” and “motor”, it might make it sound luxurious. My “boat” is a 12 or 14 foot rowboat, spray painted camouflage, outfitted with a nice but hardly reliable 9 horse outboard. It gets me where I want to go…most of the time. I just try not to go so far that I can’t row back to the launch if I have to.

Tim and I are planning to go to a little bit bigger lake this time. I can be a really fun place to hunt, but not always consistently productive for me. I always see lots of birds, but sometimes they are pretty cautious. Either way though, I always have a wonderful time. Sitting in the duck blind, a half an hour before sunrise, waiting and hoping that the birds will fly.
Jenny’s rocking baby Russell. He’s quiet and happy…for now. We are so blessed.

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  1. I agree with you. There is a saying,"I'm not perfect, just forgiven."