Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It’s a late night of insomnia here, and I’m watching the thermometer hoping that the ground will freeze.  We have a ton of hay sitting in the garage waiting to go up to the barn.  Our barnyard is a swamp and we can’t get any kind of vehicle up to the barn with a trailer on it.  Not a tractor, not a four wheel drive, nothing but a team of horses could get up there now.  We’ve had two weeks of unseasonably warm and rainy weather.  There have been flood watches in effect for days.  Getting kind of sick of that.  It has been so warm that my garlic is starting to sprout.  I’m going to have to cover it with straw and hope for the best when it finally does freeze.  It looks like it may freeze tonight though.

Maybe insomnia is a sign that I’m not working hard enough on the farm to wear myself out.  Maybe it’s a sign that I’m worrying to much about stuff that I can’t control. 

We made a couple of calls about a Suffolk lamb for sale.  She is pregnant and should lamb this spring.  We wouldn’t mind putting together a breeding pair or two of sheep.  Certainly we would like to have lamb in the freezer.  We are looking at a little bit of a meat crunch this year.  Tim and I didn’t get a deer this year.  Joey got a really nice trophy, but much of the meat was damaged and lost.  Grandpa didn’t get a deer or an elk either.  Our beef cow won’t be ready until next fall.  We may start looking for a ½ a beef for sale.  They are really expensive right now though.  I guess I should have spent more time deer hunting.  There are only so many ducks and geese that a person really wants to eat.  My wife would say that the number of geese she wants to eat is around about zero.  I think I’m going to fish around in the freezer for some of last year’s less desirable cuts of venison to make into some salami.  I’ve kind of had a taste for some lately. 


  1. Sheep sound like a good idea! Plus you can spin their wool!

  2. Spinning sounds like fun. We don't know anything about it though.