Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out of Town

Jenny’s out of town with all the boys for a few days.  It’s just me and the cows, and goats, and chickens, and cats, and…the dogs.  The dogs typically spend a lot of time outside, but the weather is awful and I like their company in the house while I’m alone.  We’ve been having “Thunder Snow” tonight.  It’s snowing, hailing, thundering, and lightning.  With 50 mile an hour winds to boot.  Anyway, the puppies are happy to be indoors. 

I like to sleep on the couch when Jenny is gone.  Our couch is incredibly comfortable and the bed just feels so lonely.  Unfortunately Oberon, our German Shorthaired Pointer, also likes to sleep there too.  He and I have been fighting over the couch all week.  He sprawls out, farting and belching, and takes up the whole couch.  If I get the couch first, he just crawls up and sits on my chest.  If he gets there first, I have to shove him around to make room for myself.

I don’t take care very good care of myself when Jenny’s gone.  Normally I eat really well and avoid coffee and sweets.  Actually, my doctor has encouraged me to abstain from coffee because it exacerbates my depression symptoms.    So anyway, I’ve eaten bacon at all three meals today, drank a ton of coffee, and eaten a wonderful chocolate bar.  I feel pretty cruddy.

On a brighter note, I keep the house fairly clean while she’s gone.  It’s only me here to mess things up, so it’s not too hard.  Well, me and the dogs.  Oberon just climbed up on the stove to eat bacon grease out of the cast iron pan.  I see he also spilled my freshly dipped cream.  I think I’ll throw him out into the storm.

Jenny and the boys are coming home tomorrow night.  It couldn’t come quickly enough for me.

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