Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Goats!

We we to a goat breeder's farm today to look at baby goats. This is a yearling we might get. She would be "in milk" when we got her. It would be less complex for us to get a milking doe after she gave birth than to get one that was pregnant and deliver kids ourselves. It seems like our ideas for the barn will work just fine. We're still worried about all the moldy old hay that's piled up in the center, but we can either figure out a way to empty it or simply block it off from the goats. Getting the old hay out will be a major undertaking and may even require cutting a new door into the side of the barn.

These are some of the young goat kids. They are so amazingly cute. I was amazed at how they could be in the chilly barn with the door open at such a young age. We got to see a kid and momma that was only an hour old. The circle of life. Birth and growth in Spring.

Colleen got to hold one of the baby goats. Aren't they both adorable together? We are going to get a couple of Saanan dairy goats this Spring. It will be a major life change for us. Well I guess all of this farming will be a major life change. I've been traveling and playing my whole life. It is getting very different to be tied down to a home and to animals in one place.
"Tied down" is really the wrong phrase though. Grounded, more like. Lightness and weight. Lightness seems like freedom, but weight gives meaning. The more I put down roots and dig deep to one place and a life there, the more significant my life becomes.

We are hashing out the final details and hope to have made a decision about the goat venture in a day or two. We are truly blessed with the opportunity to do this.

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