Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Hunter

Luna and her favorite toy. A mallard wing saved from hunting season. We went out for a long walk, long for a small puppy, and saw a rabbit. I took a shot with the .22 but missed. I probably would have got it with the 20 gauge, but I think the noise might be too much for her. The breeder got her used to a .22 starter pistol, so she had no problem ignoring the .22. She didn't notice the rabbit at all. It was a ways away. That'll come later I'm sure.
She is a wild ball of furry, snapping, growling, teeth. Teething puppies, Oh my! She's getting a little better about fingers and toes, but she'll chew anything in her path. All of our seed catalogs have been torn to shreds. The best time to pet her is when she's half asleep. We really do love her. She's going to be a great hunter and a great addition to our animal menagerie.

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