Sunday, January 24, 2010

The puppy, Luna, is home

Luna, our puppy, is home. We drove down to Southern Idaho to pick her up. We hit a couple of snow storms on the way. On Whitebird grade a semi got stuck going up and we almost ended up stuck behind it when we lost momentum.

Luna slept all day in the car, so she had a frieghtening amount of energy when we got home. Lab puppies have a well deserved reputation it seems and she set out to destroy everything in her path. Chew toys, cat toys, shoes, toes, fingers, and even the living room carpeting.
After the initial burst of energy when we got home, she has settled some. She goes nuts for a half an hour then falls fast asleep.
The breeder had already introduced her to gunfire and real birds, so we got to see her retrieve a real bird while the breeder fired a starter pistol. We have a rabbit living in our strawberry patch and can't wait to put her to work chasing it out. She is a beautiful dog. We are truly blessed.


  1. She is a beautiful dog. Put up anything you want to keep out of her little teeth. lol

  2. Very cute! Had a part lab once.. he ate my couch among other things. They do chew! Of course back then those wonderful crates weren't well known. Our new pup--who is now about 9 mos-- is a g. shepherd. He chews very large bones quite well--but so far hasn't really damaged too much in the house--some rugs mainly that he pulled thread out of. Puppies certainly do have energy!

  3. Oh man it's cute.