Friday, April 2, 2010

Palouse Falls

Went to Palouse Falls in Washington today. It was a bit of a drive and we had hoped to spend a few hours hiking. Unfortunately, it was raining, windy, sleeting, and snowing. We did hike for about 45 minutes. Luna had a good day with plenty of attention from her humans and a bunch of exercise. The falls were beautiful.

Found this ironic sign at the edge of a 500 foot cliff. I didn't really need the sign to know that I didn't want to fall off the cliff.
I'm on spring break from teaching, so that is kind of a relief. Spring is not my best time of year. As the weather bounces all over the place, I go from feeling elated to depressed. But I have plenty of fun, relaxing, hard-working, and rewarding things planned. I'm going to go on lots of hikes with Luna. I'm going to build the goat fence. I might take Luna and Colleen pheasant hunting. I'll try, weather permitting, to finally get the onion starts and sets planted. I'll even squeeze a nap or two in there.

Whether I'm feeling happy or depressed, an attitude of gratitude always goes a long way.

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  1. I usually do my depressed stuff from fall to winter. I know what you mean. I did find out that taking Vitamin D was useful this year. Didn't know I was lacking it. We do need our sunshine!
    No lack of it here right now. That sign is so silly--its got to be in case of lawsuits. Whatever happened to common sense?