Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tons to do in the garden

Our spring flowers are in glorious bloom. The Palouse hills are sprouting wheat. Turkey season is underway. And there are a million things to do in the garden. We are going out turkey hunting before dawn tomorrow, but we'll be back and working in the garden by noon.

I've been planting onions, more garlic, radishes, beets, lettuce, spinach, you name it. We have so much to plant, I can't possibly keep up. We are trying to use an "Earthway" seeder, but I think the results are mixed. I'll have to see when things start coming up, but it didn't seem like it seeded the radishes the way I would have liked. I guess I'll decide in a week or so when the other veggies start coming up. I will say that it certainly is faster. It may also be that the part of the garden that I am seeding was tilled early, and, therefore, the soil did not get tilled as finely as I would have liked.

The turkey hunting in the morning has been so peaceful, but I think it wears me out and spins my mood a little bit. We wake up at about 3:00 am, make a big breakfast, and drive about an hour to where we hunt. We walk into the woods in the dark, listening to the turkeys gobbling in the trees. We set up and wait for the sun to rise. We didn't see any turkeys on Friday, but we saw deer and elk. We heard plenty of turkeys though. We are hoping tomorrow morning blesses us with a bird.

Of course, the real reason I am out is to sit in the forest at dawn with Colleen and watch the world wake up. To sit silently in God's natural cathedral, and welcome a fresh, new day.

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  1. I love sitting before dawn or after dusk and looking out at our woods. :) We had an earthway seeder, maybe we still do... hmm..Anyhow my experience with it was if your ground is nice and flat--yours appears to be--and your soil is fine and raked smooth--I've never had soil that was that tame-- Then it worked well. Anything bumpy that gets in the way and it misses. We've always had lumps and bumps and uneven spots so it wasn't practical.