Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Using the new tiller to plant onions!

Got a new tiller at a good price! It was a life saver in tilling a section of the garden today. I finally got the garlic starts in the ground. Much longer and they would have died. The tiller is working great. Not quite as deep as we'd like to go, but the ground is pretty tough after being over-grown for so many years.
I don't know what we'd do without our little tractor. It's only a compact, but it really can do everything we need it to. A bigger tractor just wouldn't be able to maneuver in the garden area. The tiller is 4 ft wide and does a great job down 4-6 inches. We also have a cultivator to rip up the ground deeper than that. We've been running the cultivator first to break the turf and turn things over.
The garden season is here! There is so much to do. I've got tomatoes inside that need to be re-potted, lettuce that needs to go outside as soon as it stops snowing every morning, more starts to plant. Yikes!

And what blog could be complete without Luna. She brought me a small bunny that she caught all by herself while I was tinkering with the tractor. We will be taking her out for "game preserve" pheasants this Friday. I hope she does well. She is going through an adolescent phase where she just doesn't like to listen. Be well.

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  1. Nice tractor! I told Hubby that I want one about that size. He laughed at me.