Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tomato Sauce

Finally, got the last of the tomatoes out of the freezer! Cooked down about 20 pounds. Homemade tomato sauce tastes so good, compared to the store bought. At one point it seemed like 1/4th of our freezer was filled with tomatoes. Every year the tomatoes ripen late and we are ripening them on huge sheets on the grow room floor. Just about the same time, the school year starts and hunting season ramps up. No time to spend a whole day canning.

We went steelhead fishing one last time yesterday. Didn't land any fish, although I had one on. The canyon was beautiful. It was sunny and we were fishing in our t-shirts. One bit of excitement was when the old truck caught fire at the top of Shoemaker grade. It always runs a little hot, but I guess a vacuum hose must have fallen down onto the exhaust manifold on the bumpy ride. Smoke started pouring from under the dashboard and when I opened the hood there were flames. We doused them with water bottles, I think I'll get a fire extinguisher for the truck, and got everything put out. Since we were in the middle of nowhere we just cut the burnt hoses out and drove home. The truck seemed to run just fine. I suppose I should replace the hoses in case they were important.

We had 40 mile and hour winds and hail today. I guess it's too early to plant lettuce. I'm sure the onions and garlic are fine though. Well, have a wonderful day.

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  1. Wow that was excitement! Good thing you put the fire out. I never thought of freezing the tomatoes so I could can them later. Good idea!