Monday, July 12, 2010

Making goat cheese

I made some Feta cheese with the goat's milk over the weekend and it turned out perfectly. Excellent flavor, excellent texture, not too salty. I am pleased.

The goats are doing great. I just hung a rope mesh hanging feeder. I'm a little nervous because the kids were playing with it like a pinata. I don't want them to get tangled. The original feeder was made of hog wire and it was getting twisted and developing sharp edges. If the hanging feeder doesn't work, I'll buy a cattle panel and cut and bend it into a feeder.

I'm getting about a quart and a half to two quarts of milk every morning. Then I'm letting the kids feed on mama. The kids are eating hay and grain too. They will probably be starting to wean fairly soon.

I took care of goat, chicken, and dog chores this morning. I took a brief siesta and then went out and weeded the garden. There is lots of weeding to do and I just am not motivated to do it all. I will be trying various methods, including a cover crop, to try to decrease the weeds before next year.

Well, a few more hours around the farm and then I'll be going into town to deliver some eggs and meet with some friends. The big truck is broken in a parking lot in town and I need to tow it with a friends truck over to the shop. If the repair is too much I might just junk it. We'll see. Either way, I feel blessed to have a second vehicle. In fact, I feel blessed in so many ways I just want to share it with all the world. Life is good.


  1. Tell me how you did it please :)

  2. One good place to start is Fankhouser's cheese page.

    Although that is not the exact recipe I used. I used instructions from the book, "And that's how you make cheese!" by Shane Sokol. It is a very good book and not terribly expensive. I would start with the cheese page and that book. It's great fun.