Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making hay while the sun shines

Well the sun finally came out and that means it's time to make hay. My tractor is too small to pull a swather and a baler, so I had a neighbor come and cut my hay. He will be coming back when it dries to bale it. We'll split the hay. It's good Timothy grass hay, but the goats really prefer alfalfa. I think alfalfa has more calcium for the milk too. I'll probably end up selling most of the grass hay and buying alfalfa from someone.

It's been hot here, as I hear it has been in the rest of the country. Too hot to spend much time in the garden weeding. Most of my veggies are surviving, although they need a lot of water. I'm thinking it'll take a couple of years of working the soil to get the weeds tamed down.

I'm excited! I'm going to Mass today. I haven't been to Mass in a couple of years, so I will also go to Confession this afternoon. I'm a very spiritual person and certainly am very Catholic in my beliefs and world view. I just haven't been to Mass in a while. I've missed it. I'll be going with a good friend. He also hasn't been to Mass in a while. I'm sure we'll make an odd couple.

Life is good. I feel hope and faith in my heart and in my gut. It's a good day to be alive. I have been so blessed to live here among such great friends and in such a beautiful place. I am truly blessed.

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