Wednesday, July 21, 2010

weaner pig adventures

I picked up the two weaner pigs last night. I was exhausted from a case of insomnia and had to drive 70 miles to get them. I got them home in the back of my pickup. Grabbing them out of the truck and getting them into the barn was a dusty, squealing, squirming battle. I got them settled for the night though.

This morning I went to check on them and they promptly bolted out the gate, down the hay field and into the overgrown creek. I looked and looked but couldn't find them. Eventually I gave up, hoping they would come back on their own. Eventually they did and I got them settled in again before I had to go teach. I think I probably smelled like pig, goat, and hay as I didn't have time to shower before going to teach.

All is peaceful on the homestead. The goats are put away, the chickens are safe, and the pigs are in a corner of the barn. I'm making goat's milk cheddar cheese. What a glorious life. Tomorrow will dawn a new and beautiful day. I am indeed blessed.


  1. Dem are some nice looking pigs. I have yet to try my hand at pigs, but was wondering if your fence is keeping them in? Looks like pigs, least at current size, might be able to slip right out if they are motivated enough.
    I am enjoying your blog of experiences and your positive attitude even when things don't go as planned.


  2. Thanks for the comment. The fence is keeping them in, but the smaller of the two can currently escape though the holes if she wants to. She popped out then popped right back in again. A few more pounds and it should be fine. Their first escape and adventure was through the gate, which was my fault.

  3. I remember chasing pigs before. I always found out it's easier to lead a pig than it is to drive a pig. lol