Friday, July 23, 2010

Making hay part 2

Well, the sun has certainly been shining and I got my hay baled the other day. The neighbor did the actual baling. He'll be coming to pick up his share soon I'm guessing. That'll still leave me with plenty for the goats. Grass hay prices are so low it's hardly worth selling. I'd like to get it up into the loft, but I have yet to think of an easy way to do that. Besides hiring teenagers. Teenagers are the easiest way, but I don't think I can afford it. I haven't completed the great barn clean-out, so I can't really leave it on the first floor. Plus I worry about mice getting into it. I need some barn cats, but I still have this owl problem. The owls seem to prefer rabbits and my chickens when dining.

I mucked out the goat section of the barn today. It was actually dirtier than I expected. Goats must pee a lot. Gross. The goats were whipping through the alfalfa and spreading half of it on the ground, so I gave them some grass hay today. They seem to make a little bit less of a mess with that. I think the alfalfa has more calcium, so I'm going to keep giving them both.

I met some friends in town around lunchtime, and I will be getting together with some other friends tonight. It is a blessing to have so many and such good friends. Living out in the country makes me appreciate being around people all the more.

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