Tuesday, January 11, 2011

frozen pipes

Well dang, the pipes are frozen. The faucets were on, but they froze anyway. It was only about 12 degrees. Not even that cold. I had to melt snow to get water to the goats. I could use a shower before I teach, but maybe I'll just melt a little water and wash my face.
I had a splendid weekend at Jenny's. Got to spend some more time with the boys. Three little boys can really wear you out. Jenny and the boys are coming out to visit on Thursday. It will be their first visit to the farm. I am praying that all goes well. They are excited to see the farm and meet the animals.

When they move in we will be getting baby chicks and weaner pigs so that will add to the excitement. Then will have goats giving birth. And maybe a puppy by mid-summer. It'll be a lively time. All hands on deck! Carrissima is starting to look a little pregnant. I may or may not do a blood test in a few weeks. I am really not that good at drawing blood from goats.

Well, I'll try to get out and about with the camera. I am really feeling incredibly blessed. I get to go to work today and be a good teacher.

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  1. Everything sound so good! You have to fill us in on how they like the farm!