Monday, January 24, 2011

Goat Camp

Well, Whisper is off to goat camp. Which is a nice way of saying that I'm getting her bred. Hopefully I will end up with two goats in milk with a handful of kids. We'll need it to supply milk for three growing boys and Jenny and I. I also plan to continue to make cheese. I picked up an antique "Viking" cream separator as well. We can use this to make cream for butter and of course cream for the coffee. When I manage to get the cream separator re-assembled I'll be sure to post a picture of it. It is quite the contraption.

Here is a picture of the fort the boys made out of hay and straw bales in the loft. Unfortunately I'm going to have to partially dis-assemble it to feed the goats.

It was a lot of driving to drop Whisper off, 300 miles round trip, but I was able to combine it with running some other errands up North. Although Moscow and Lewiston are fairly close by, there are still things I can't get here. I either have to drive to Coeur d Alene or order online and pay shipping. It was a nice trip, but tiring.

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  1. Nice fort! Can't wait to see the seperater. I want to get one for myself one day.