Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pipes thawed

Yay! The pipes thawed out. In fact we are going to get a big January thaw. 35-40 degrees all week. This should bring the geese up from the valley for one last shot at hunting them. Season closes Sunday I think.

Jenny and her boys are coming to visit tomorrow. This will be the boys' first visit to the farm. I think it will be a ball. I'm sure they will love it here. The oldest boy and I will do a little partridge and bunny hunting. There is plenty to explore for the younger boys too. It will be fun to introduce them to the animals. We may even clean out the chicken coop. Oh what fun that will be! It would have been quite an adventure to have a full house with no running water.

I'm really glad the pipes have thawed and that they don't appear to have burst anywhere. I did a quick crawl under the house (Oh what fun that was) to check, and I didn't see anything out of order.

We have a "small farmers' mixer" to go to on Friday. And Church on Sunday. Other than that it will just be exploring the farm and exploring the town.

What a blessing this all is. So unexpected. I feel so truly blessed.

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  1. I'm glad you feel blessed. Isn't it funny how life can change so fast.I hope your weekend will turn out great. I know it will.