Sunday, January 30, 2011

New hens

No pictures today. Jenny was in for a short visit and it's been crazy busy. She'll be returning in just a couple of days with the boys for a week visit. I am so looking forward to that. As a life-long childless bachelor it's going to be quite a shock. Jenny and I worked hard moving stuff in, organizing, lifting, and assembling.

The other thing we did was acquire 20 free laying hens! It was more work in cramped quarters to get them caught, loaded in the truck, and released in the hen house. They've already started laying in their new home. Sometimes new chickens will be "off" for a couple of days, but these seem to be settling in fairly well. I don't think they are used to free ranging because they haven't left the hen house yet. I need to get them eating a little more calcium. There egg shells are thin. Oyster shell for starters and then bugs and weeds when they decide to venture outside. In any event, the extra eggs will be a big help. I've been struggling to meet some orders and with the boys moving in would have been short some eggs. This will definitely solve that problem.

I met with some friends briefly after Jenny had left. Good friends are such a blessing. Having Jenny and her boys moving out to the farm is a blessing too even if it is a little scary sometimes.

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  1. Wow! Nice find. 20 free hens! That should keep growing boys fed. lol