Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Prepared for changes...

Being prepared.  Uh, oh, here comes the survivalist rant!  No, not really.  Being prepared is a pretty broad topic.  It can involve anything from being physically fit to laying in a larder of food.  As I said before, one of the central facets of weathering the twin storms of climate change and peak oil is being involved in local community.  When the community is prepared it makes individual survival more likely and more meaningful.  This focus on community is where I break ranks with the typical survivalist.  That said, there is nothing wrong with being ready as a family to meet whatever challenges we might come up against.  Whether it is a weather event like the recent hurricane on the East coast or disruptions in the oil based transportation infrastructure.

There are a short list of things we’d like to do as a family to be ready for emergencies.

Switch to wood heat
Backup water sources/bison pump/55 gallon food grade drum of water
Stock pantry
Can enough food to eat for three months
Stock up on propane tanks
Stock up on canning supplies
Stock up on ammunition
Become more food self-sufficient
Buy hand tools
Buy hand appliances
Prepare for fossil fuel shortages
Prepare for computer technology interruptions
Stockpile emergency medical supplies
Learn to fix our home and appliances ourselves
Prepare for climate change
Grow firewood on property
“Diversified stock portfolio”-cows, chickens, goats, pigs, and sheep
Acquire breeding pairs of animals
Get physically fit
Gas electric generator
Extra pairs of glasses

I’m sure I could increase the list ad infinitum.  Many of these things we have or do already.  Some we’d like to get ready in the future.

How prepared are you?  Ready for a hurricane?  An earthquake?  A prolonged power outage?  A disruption in the food distribution network?

I again want to stress that individual survivalism is not the answer to emergency events.  At least not for our family.  Cooperative, prepared, communities is the answer.


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  1. Good post! Some people think they can do everything themselves. But I think it will take a community, just like you said. Looks like you've got a good start