Sunday, November 11, 2012

The first snow/building community

The first snow of the year.  What better way to keep the kitchen warm than canning a batch of apple sauce.  Kind of late for the first snow.  It’s been a really warm fall except for the September frost that got my tomatoes.  Growing tomatoes here is always a crap shoot.  But I try every year.  Finally getting close to finishing the barn project.   We’ve been working on running water and power out to the barn.  The water is there and the power is…well, it’s there, but there is a lot of little tidbits to wrap up before I’m done with the project.

A friend of mine semi-permanently loaned me a nice big John  Deere tractor.  It had been sitting out at his families ranch rusting and he wanted someone to run it every now and again.  I should be able to hay our acreage with it.  I’m pretty excited about that.  Hay is really scarce and expensive this year.  Plus I would know that my hay has no herbicides sprayed on it which is good since the cows and goats eat the hay and I eat the cows and drink their milk.  With each step up the ladder the herbicides simply become more concentrated. 

Building local community.  I’ve been reaching out to meet more people and their families.  I went hunting with a friend from church.  He brought along a few of his friends and we all shared a wonderful time.  We got two deer between the five of us.  Last summer we were involved with two farmer’s markets and had the opportunity to meet many other small farmers.  I helped my friend, another man from church, to fix up his tractor (the tractor mentioned above) and to work on his roof.  I also continue to meet and network with people from the AA community.

This is all a stretch for me.  I’m something of an introvert and have been diagnosed with “social anxiety.”  I believe that in the future, a future shaped by a changing climate and diminishing oil supply, the building of close knit community bonds will be essential.  These communities will thrive the lone wolf survivalist will struggle.  Communities where each person or family will contribute their own strengths and resources will be essential.  I may be able to supply milk and eggs to my neighbors.  Those neighbors might be able to contribute something I can’t.  Something like woodworking or sewing or…tomatoes which I don’t seem to be able to grow.

I hear the seals on the jars of applesauce popping, and it is time to do a few dishes and call it a night.  Blessings.

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  1. Canning applesauce is one of my favorite fall activities. And the frying some pork chops to put it on....;)